Ablyss is proud to offer over 60 years of master-level craftsmanship in refinishing, preservation and upholstery work.

After more than six decades in the industry, Ablyss specializes in:

As a repair and reupholstery shop focused on these techniques, we gladly accept work of all kinds, finding solutions to repair, restore, refinish, preserve and upholster your furniture to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind results.

Ablyss provides superior services to other reupholstery shops, through our extensive fabric choices, custom work and solutions. Our restoration and reupholstery shop is especially skilled in recreation and remanufacture of furniture parts and pieces - a necessity in restoring antique and vintage furniture in the most authentic way possible.

Along every step of the way, our goal is to not only recreate a beautiful piece of furniture, but also to ensure its longevity by repairing and maintaining its structural stability. By striking a balance between preservation and restoration, we are able to do both.

About Our Custom Furniture Services

Our Custom Furniture is built and assembled by our very own fourth generation master craftsman, and with highly experienced skill is constructed in-house for a truly American made product. Using time-honored techniques, patience and the finest materials, our heirloom-quality furniture stands the test of time. We are proud to build custom furniture that is meant to last for generations and be shared as a family heirloom, just as our company has.

Our Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service and quality work has allowed our company to grow and prosper. We treat each customer with respect, and carefully handle every piece we are tasked with restoring or repairing. At Ablyss, our focus is to provide the best possible work to continue the tradition of top-notch work. We thank all of our friends in the Denver metro, Vail, Aspen and mountain communities, as well as throughout the Western States for their continued support and look forward to continuing our proven track record of superb work.

Partnership with Interior Designers

Ablyss partners with several interior designers. As such, we are happy to recommend interior designers who are not only familiar with our work, but also provide quality services. We are also happy to work with interior designs to create beautiful furniture pieces for any home or business that will look great and stand up to daily wear and tear. Contact us at 303.935.0949 for additional information or to see examples of our high-quality finished products.

Ablyss looks forward to working with you on your restoration, refinishing and reupholstery projects. These specialized services require great attention to detail, dedication and creativity, and we look forward to applying all three into our future projects with you.